Exchange and Return Policy

We strive to provide you with excellent products. If you are not satisfied with the product quality and need to exchange or refund, we will try our best to provide you with any assistance.


If the products are damaged in transit or the quantity or price of the products are inconsistent with the purchase order, please notify us by email or by phone within 24 hours after receiving the products.


If you want to exchange the products or refund because of any quality or specification issue, please send email or call us within 7 days after receiving the products. We will decide if you are entitled to exchange the products for free or refund depending on the quality and condition of the products.


  • Exchange:
    • To exchange products (including printers and accessories), you have to return the products to the addresses below within 7 days of our notification. If the products are returned within the time specified, we will repair or exchange the products for free as soon as possible. It takes around 7 working days. We will have special arrangement if products are temporarily out of stock.



  • Refund:
    • If you wish to refund, you have to return the products to the designated addresses within 7 days of our notification. We will then refund within 30 days to your credit card.


  • Points to Note:
    • For any damage to the products caused by normal wear and tear, accident or damage or negligence (which are not caused by us), any use that do not abide by our written and verbal guidelines or damage caused by repair and modification that are made without getting our prior written approval, you will not be entitled to any exchange or refund.
    • For any exchange or refund, please return the products with the whole packing, accessories, user manual and original invoice. If there was any promotional item bundled with the products, please also return to us.
    • When returning any product to us, you shall bear all risks associated with it and be liable to all related compensations. We recommend you to purchase suitable insurance to avoid any loss. Such insurance expense shall be bound by you solely.
    • In order to save your time and make appropriate arrangement, please contact us before making any exchange or refund request.


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